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Better communication. Increased retention.

Strategic plans to communicate with your customers & deliver long-term conversion opportunities.

Hi, I'm Valerie, a customer-centric marketer.

I have an extreme passion for customer communication.

I also have a deep-rooted desire to help new businesses succeed. Most likely because I've watched both of my parents launch several businesses over the course of my lifetime.

I started this agency to help new businesses lay the foundation for better, more engaged customer communication, with an ultimate goal of increasing customer retention & improving conversion.

Consulting Services

Often, one of the first questions a potential client will ask me is, "what exactly do you do?" The most straight-forward answer I give is, "it depends!"


Here are a few reasons why — it depends on your goals, it depends on the phase of business you are in, it depends on your industry, and it depends on your goals. Oh, I said that last one already ... and that's because it's truly the most important piece of the puzzle! I want to understand what exactly you are trying to accomplish with regard to your customer communication strategy. And then we will put a plan together from there. 

Below are a few areas of marketing we can address. Consider this the published sample menu, and know the full / extended / secret menu is just a conversation away!

Looking for a new ESP?

Ask me about my partnership with Klaviyo.


New Customer Engagement

- what happens when customers are added to your database

- can include: site pop-up messaging, email welcome series, promos / offers

Lifecycle Marketing

- understand the customer's journey from discovery to purchase with your brand

- what triggers deserve communication touch points

Customer Segmentation

- breakdown your database into manageable groups that share similar properties based on engagement and activity with your brand

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